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The Artistic Journey of Noemí Lamela: A Blend of Passion and Color

A story of self-discovery and Passion

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Noemí Lamela stands next to her cherished masterpiece, 'The Virgin of Socorro,' a painting that radiates with devotion and artistic depth, reflecting her profound connection to both her faith and her art. Image by Roberto Hugo González
Noemí Lamela stands next to her cherished masterpiece, ‘The Virgin of Socorro,’ a painting that radiates with devotion and artistic depth, reflecting her profound connection to both her faith and her art. Image by Roberto Hugo González
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By Roberto Hugo González

Noemí Lamela’s artistic journey is living proof of the transformative power of creativity and dedication. With a career spanning over two decades, Noemí has established herself as a passionate and versatile artist despite never engaging in art in her early years.

Her venture into the world of art began quite unexpectedly. Invited to a painting workshop at the Mexican Cultural Center, Noemí, with no prior experience in painting, embraced the challenge. This marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for art. Interestingly, her professional background involved working with children, particularly those facing challenges, where she used art as a tool for expression and communication. However, personal artistic creation was a new domain for her.

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Noemí’s preference in art leans towards using acrylics, though she has also experimented in oil paintings and pastels. Her current work is in acrylic, showcasing her versatility across different mediums. Her artistic journey of about 20 years is a story of self-discovery and passion.

Despite her evident talent, Noemí’s exhibitions have been somewhat limited. Apart from being an active member of Upper Valley Art League (UVAL) and participating in their exhibitions, her work has not been widely showcased. This scarcity of exhibitions, however, does not deter her; she paints primarily for her own satisfaction, driven by her love for the art form.

Living in Mexico profoundly influenced Noemí’s art, particularly her use of vibrant colors and her focus on figures and faces. Mexico’s wide range of bright and colorful scenes has greatly inspired her. This is clear in the bright and lively colors she uses in her art.

Interestingly, Noemí’s artistic career has coincided with other professional endeavors. Previously engaged in journalism and photography, she has since transitioned to style correction and translations, adapting her career in response to the world’s changing circumstances, such as the pandemic.

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Noemí’s approach is as varied as her art when creating a painting. The time she dedicates to each piece depends on her schedule and motivation. It’s not just about the hours spent; it’s about the connection with the painting and the drive to bring it to life.

Each of Noemí’s paintings holds a special place in her heart, yet she does not single out anyone as her favorite. For her, the value of a painting lies in the connection established during its creation. Her latest work, ‘The Virgin of Socorro,’ is particularly notable for its captivating depiction of the subject’s face and eyes, demonstrating her skill in capturing emotion and depth.

Noemí showcased her artistic talent at the 10th Annual “A Season of Hope Arts Festival,” a hallmark event in the Rio Grande Valley celebrating the intersection of education and art. Organized by Yoli Cantu at the Art Village on Main, this festival has become a magnet of artistic expression and education, inviting the community to engage with and appreciate various art forms.

The 2023 festival unfolded over two days, commencing with the ceremonial Lighting of the Tree on Black Friday, November 24th. Musical performances from the Creative Arts Studio students brightened this event. Following this, “Art at the Village” took place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., showcasing a diverse range of local artists, including Noemí, who presented her art pieces.

The celebration continued into Saturday, November 25th, offering a broad spectrum of art for sale from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Yoli’s vision for this festival was to provide a platform for local artists to exhibit and sell their creations, ranging from jewelry and paintings to photographs and sculptures, each piece was individual creativity and craftsmanship.

According to Yoli, Participation in the festival was selective, with artists chosen through a meticulous process. Their involvement showcased their talent and supported educational endeavors, as proceeds from application and booth fees were channeled into scholarships for Valley students pursuing the arts, including disciplines like drawing, painting, photography, dance, music, and voice.

For further details about next year’s A Season of Hope Arts Festival, interested individuals can contact Yoli Cantu at 956-687-8682.

Noemí Lamela’s participation in this festival is a vibrant expression at any life stage. Her journey symbolizes a fusion of passion, skill, and a profound connection to her surroundings, vividly expressed through her art’s rich colors and emotive figures.

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