Training Sales Experts to Hold Multiple Sales Seminars

Roy Martinez
Roy Martinez

Texas Border Business

Roy Martinez & Associates and the Infinite Potential Institute announced the first of multiple sales seminars prepared for a business owner, managers, sales person, Realtor, entrepreneur teacher or recent college graduate; this is for you.

Regardless of your sales experience, you can benefit from this one-day sales seminar.  “This workshop will help elevate your skills,” according to Roy Martinez,

The program is meant to help you tap into your infinite potential; it will provide you information that to help you maximize your sales professional potential.  “Let us take you from sales person to Sales Professional.”  says Roy Martinez and adds, “Sales is a process, not an Event.”

The full day event will take you from the basics of sales to the more advanced secrets of successful sales professional.  It will cover important topics such as developing customer winning presentations, handling objections, probing and how to close.  You will learn the secrets of why 20% of the sales professionals win 80% of the business and earn thousands of dollars more than the average sales person.  Learn the keys to communicating and connecting and how to GET Smart, the first steps in elevating your sales career to the next level.

Roy Martinez is a former broadcaster with over 45 plus years of sales, advertising, and marketing experience. With almost twenty years of sales management experience many of those years working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Roy is a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach.

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The Sales Professional Seminar scheduled for Saturday, July 29 starting at 8:30 AM, at 3406 W Alberta Rd Edinburg, Texas. Tickets are available now by contacting Roy Martinez and Associates at (956) 227 7726. Tickets for this information packed event are only $69, and the ticket price includes a continental breakfast and a light lunch. Contact us for bulk ticket price or if your company would like a program specifically for you.

Contact Roy Martinez & Associates and the Infinite Potential Institute at (956) 227 7726 or Email [email protected]