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Appropriations bill now heads to the Senate for a vote

Texas Border Business

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) helped secure $2.8 billion for land ports of entry in the Financial Service and General Government (FSGG) Appropriations bill for the fiscal year 2021. This critical funding will be used for new construction, major repair, and alterations to LPOEs. To see Congressman Cuellar speak in the FSGG Appropriations markup in support of the funding for Land Ports of Entry, click here.

The FY21 FSGG Appropriations bill passed the House today and now heads to the Senate. 

“Improving infrastructure at our ports of entry, the places where a significant amount of trade and travelers come through, is critical for our country’s economic growth,” said Congressman Cuellar. “These funds will ensure our land ports of entry run effectively and efficiently, meaning less congestion for travelers, more safety and security at our borders, and more legitimate commerce coming into the United States. As senior Appropriators, I will continue to fight for improvements to our land ports of entry, which are indispensable components of our economy.

“I want thank Appropriations Chairwoman Lowey as well as Appropriations Financial Service Subcommittee Chairman Quigley for working with me to secure this funding in the Appropriations Committee. I look forward to working with Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz to ensure this bill is passed in the Senate.”

List of planned investments in LPOE infrastructure, in priority order: 

  1. San Luis I, Arizona – Design and Construction 
  2. Calexico West, California (Phase II-b) – Construction 
  3. International Falls, Minnesota – Design and Construction 
  4. Alcan, Alaska – Design and Construction 
  5. Sumas, Washington – Design and Construction 
  6. Coburn Gore, Maine – Design and Construction 
  7. New Commercial Crossing, Douglas, Arizona – Design and Construction 
  8. El Paso-Bridge of the Americas, Texas – Site and Design 
  9. Brownsville-Gateway, Texas – Site and Design 
  10. Calais-Ferry Point, Maine – Design and Construction 
  11. Raul Hector Castro, Douglas, Arizona – Design and Construction 
  12. Alburg Springs, Vermont – Design and Construction 
  13. Beebe Plain, Vermont – Design and Construction 

The land border between the United States and Mexico is more than 1,900 miles long. Each year, there are hundreds of billions of dollars in trade, and approximately 350 million legal crossings every year.

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Steady global and regional growth have funneled more people and goods through the Nation’s aging LPOE inspection infrastructure than it is able to handle. Two-thirds of the LPOE inventory has not had repairs over the past decade. The average age of the land ports is 39 years. These circumstances have resulted in both congestion and delays (that can exceed 1 hour on a daily basis) at many high-volume border crossings for both commercial and noncommercial traffic.

To read the GSA’s Report on the State of the Land Ports of Entry Portfolio, click here

To read the language for the fiscal year 2021 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill, click here.

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