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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Pancho Ochoa, a Unique Restaurant Concept Entrepreneur

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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez,

As Originally Published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition.

I enjoy talking to people, getting to know them and having the opportunity to write about them. I am usually always surprised when I learn how talented they are, where they come from, and the success they have achieved.

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Such is the case of Don Pancho Ochoa, the owner and creator of multiple food concepts. He has been in the food industry for over forty years. Today, he and his family are very successful, but they have invested a great deal of time and effort to be able to get where they are today.

Don Pancho is proud of his family and to have them with him taking care of their businesses. He speaks highly about his six children and says they are exemplary.

In this issue, you will get to know the man that years ago had the vision to create a business that has flourished to over one thousand employees.

On another matter, Bill Keltner, one our guest writers brings to us what we classified as the BIG Story. His article is titled “Inventor of NANOTEK -Keith Goodwin, PhD “My adoptive parents were a Godsend”.

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Goodwin’s first career choice was to be a Lutheran Minister.  During his studies at Seminary, he decided, “Better serve my fellow man as a layman rather than as a man of the cloth.  That decision opened up a whole world of possibilities.”

He found he loved language and added Biblical Hebrew and classical Greek to the German language he had grown up with. You will enjoy reading his story.

Mike Willis brings to us great information concerning employment, the bad news is that the energy services sector in Texas has been hit hard, 3500 oil-gas jobs lost.

But overall the unemployment rates dropped an average of .5% across the region, which pretty well offset the increases we saw in January. McAllen had the lowest reported city rate, at 4.7%, followed closely by Edinburg with 4.8%.  Harlingen was third at 5.7%, followed by Mission at 5.8%.

The other great news is that McAllen recorded its highest-ever local sales tax first quarter this year according to the Texas Comptroller.

McAllen, the region’s largest city retail market by a commanding margin, is up 2.3 percent over the first quarter of last year. “A general upturn in the economy, easing traffic at international crossings and more shopping options have all contributed to the increase,” said McAllen Mayor Jim Darling.

The Edwards Abstract and Title Co. yearly event is a must. They have been hosting the State of Real Estate Forum since 2004. This Forum provides a variety of guest speakers that cover various topics that affect the economy, and residential and commercial real estate.

I‘ll see you at The 11th Annual State of Real Estate Forum that will be held on Tuesday, April 21 at the McAllen Convention Center in the ballroom.

Texas’ new Secretary of State Carlos Cascos will a be guest speaker and Dr. Ted C. Jones, Sr. V.P., Chief Economist for Stewart Title Guaranty Co. and Director of Investor Relations for Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE-STC) will headline the Forum as the keynote speaker.  Dr. Jones’ presentation titled No Place But Up – Interest Rates, Rents, Prices, Real Estate and the Economy will provide insight and statistics on the national, state and local job markets and specific local market analysis and various other indicators that affect the overall economy.

I’ll see you there!   TBB

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