How much is our safety worth?

Ricardo R. Olivares, MS-HRM, MAA-OD

By Ricardo R. Olivares, MS-HRM, MAA-OD

Texas Border Business

How much is our safety worth? Can we put a price on it when it has to do with our life and property? The environment we live in is surrounded with safety hazards that we either are oblivious to or simply choose to ignore for the moment, until something bad happens that it requires our attention to. This is due to the lack of knowledge about overall safety. To what degree does one become aware of their safety?

Safety is the responsibility of every individual/employee. By engaging employees in safety activities and measuring its safety record ensures a low outcome of loss-time injury rate.

Integrated environmental health and safety into a business operation is a necessity for success. It is not that employees are friendly to one another, but that the culture is safe. Safety leads to quality and quality leads to cost.

Industrial accidents are the human cost of economic development. Work related accidents lead to claims of asbestosis damages. To avoid further lawsuits, legal fees, and denials from insurances payment, employees need to be informed of the safety measures that are required to be in compliance.

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Safety guidelines help to reduce the chance of injury on the jobsite. Arbitrators do not take safety infractions lightly. They deem them as very serious.

It’s clear to see that we all value our safety. Therefore, utilizing safety precautions is among the factors of obtaining a high degree of physical wellbeing and something everyone is capable of. Not providing safety in the workplace can lead to devastating outcomes.  By failing to implement safety regulations, employees are at risk that lead to a kind of crisis. Companies that implement safety measures save lives. . Another topic to keep in mind aside from the issue of safety is whether or not an employee is guaranteed compensation in case of an injury at the place of employment.

Ricardo R. Olivares, MS-HRM, MAA-OD, is the Program Chair – Business Administration (Careers), South Texas College