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The staff of the City of McAllen Planning & Zoning Department is available to discuss options and specific lot restrictions with homeowners. City of McAllen YouTube Images

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The City of McAllen Planning & Zoning Department is reminding residents who would like to build a carport, to keep the following information in mind:

  • Building permits are always needed to build a carport.
  • Minimum front yard setbacks on most single-family homes are already at 25 feet
  • Minimum side yard setbacks on single-family homes are 6 feet, unless the lot is in a corner where the side next to the street has a setback of 10 feet. 
  • Should a resident want to build a carport within any setback, including the front, side, or rear, a Special Exception needs to be applied for with a non-refundable $350 application fee. It’s also important to keep in mind that denial is most certainly possible. 
  • Notification to neighbors is always required.
  • A public hearing on the requested carport will be conducted where residents in opposition and support will be able to speak.
  • If the property is sold, the Special Exception needs to be re-applied for or the structure must be removed.
  • Carports approved for a special exception cannot be used for storage of items, cannot be enclosed and cannot exceed 400 square feet in area.
  • Carports that were built without a permit, no matter how long ago they were built and by whom, are subject to enforcement of the codes.
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