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By Roberto Hugo González

The McAllen Citizen League stands as an example of impartiality, dedicated to fostering community engagement by providing crucial information. With a firm commitment to neutrality, they focus on enabling public access to essential details without leaning towards any political candidates. Their primary mission is to arm the electorate with comprehensive knowledge to make informed decisions at the polls, encouraging the spread of this valuable insight within their circles. As the anticipation for early voting on February 20th builds, the League took a significant step forward by organizing an enlightening candidate forum presentation on February 15, 2024, led by Davis Rankin.

In a proud announcement, the McAllen Citizen’s League reflects on the recent, crucial Candidate Forum, a landmark in our community’s political participation. This event, vital for engagement, highlighted the candidacies for Hidalgo County Sheriff and Judge of the County Court of Law #7, offering a deep dive into the candidates’ platforms and ambitions.

Sheriff J.E. “Eddie” Guerra

Sheriff J.E. “Eddie” Guerra, seeking reelection for a fourth term since his initial victory in November 2014, highlighted his dedication to community safety. His tenure is marked by the establishment of vital initiatives such as the Texas Transnational Intelligence Center and the McAllen-based Texas Anti-Gang Center, illustrating a holistic law enforcement strategy that equally values mental health and educational programs alongside traditional security efforts.

Frank Guerrero

Challenging Sheriff Guerra, Frank Guerrero presented a vibrant agenda addressing pressing issues like rising crime rates, jail overcrowding, and public corruption. Guerrero’s extensive background in law enforcement, highlighted by his SWAT team experience and security firm leadership, underpins his innovative proposals to boost the sheriff’s office’s efficiency, safety, and overall quality of life in Hidalgo County.

Judge Sergio Valdez
Lydia Elizondo

The forum also showcased a debate between Judge Sergio Valdez, the incumbent for County Court of Law #7, and challenger Lydia Elizondo. Both articulated their dedication to justice and community service, enriching the discussion on Hidalgo County’s legal and enforcement future.

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Jesse Contreras
Nereida Lopez-Singleterry

Additionally, the race for the 476th District Court sees former Judge Jesse Contreras and Judge Nereida Lopez Singleterry vying for the position, further emphasizing the importance of this forum in shaping the community’s understanding of the candidates and their visions for Hidalgo County. Enjoy!

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