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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Mariachi 7 Leguas Celebrates New Single “Hazme Caso” with Grand Party and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

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🎉🎶 Emilio Santos, founder of Mariachi 7 Leguas, proudly dons a T-shirt featuring their brand-new single "Hazme Caso" at a grand party and ribbon-cutting ceremony. 19 years in the making, this single marks not just a milestone for the band but also serves as a tribute to the enduring allure of Mariachi music. 🇲🇽🎺 #HazmeCaso #Mariachi7Leguas #CulturalHeritage #MexicanMusic #NewSingle. Photo by Roberto Hugo González
🎉🎶Emilio Santos, founder of Mariachi 7 Leguas, proudly dons a T-shirt featuring their brand-new single “Hazme Caso” at a grand party and ribbon-cutting ceremony. 19 years in the making, this single marks not just a milestone for the band but also serves as a tribute to the enduring allure of Mariachi music. 🇲🇽🎺 #HazmeCaso #Mariachi7Leguas #CulturalHeritage #MexicanMusic #NewSingle. Photo by Roberto Hugo González

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By Roberto Hugo González

It’s not every day that a Mariachi band gets to celebrate 19 years of musical journey with the release of their first single. Mariachi 7 Leguas, formed in 2004, has hit this milestone with an equally unique celebration: a party and a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by three Chambers of Commerce; Pharr Chamber of Commerce, McAllen Chamber of Commerce, and RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The song is “Hazme Caso” (Pay Attention to Me). Asuzena, a talented lady from Jalisco, Mexico, originally composed the song. Her version was from a woman’s perspective, singing to a man. “We decided to turn the tables and offer the male version as a response.” Santos said, “After two decades, we took this beautiful composition, rearranged it, and added our own lyrical twists.”

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 The song is available on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, with Pandora coming soon. It can even be featured in your TikTok stories.

✂️🎶 Emilio Santos of Mariachi 7 Leguas, wearing a T-shirt with the logo “Hazme Caso,” proudly cuts the ribbon at a grand ceremony. Celebrating 19 years and the release of their first-ever single, the band is joined by three Chambers of Commerce and distinguished guests, signaling the start of a new, musical chapter in their journey. 🇲🇽 #HazmeCaso #RibbonCutting #Mariachi7Leguas #NewBeginnings. Photo by Roberto Hugo González

Why did they wait 19 years to release our first single? Santos pointed out that the answer lies in the realities of life. “Many of us in Mariachi 7 Leguas have other full-time professions; some are musical directors in high schools, some have families, and I am a banker. It wasn’t until now that the stars aligned for us to take this step finally.”

Santos said that the purpose of this song and celebration goes beyond just music. As natives of the Rio Grande Valley, they aim to promote the culture and traditions within the community, nationwide, and even in Mexico. “This isn’t solely about financial gains; it’s about the pride of sharing our rich Mexican heritage through music.”

This song was chosen because it resonates personally with many of us. The song speaks to that universal feeling of yearning for attention from someone special, telling them to realize what they could have if only they’d paid a little attention. Yet, it also sends a message that if they don’t, life will move on, and the focus will shift elsewhere. It has that emotional punch of realism—traits that we believe make it special.

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Santos stated that as they prepare for their 20th-anniversary celebrations next year, the release of “Hazme Caso” signals the start of a new chapter. “We have more songs in the pipeline, and we couldn’t be more excited to share them with the world.”

Mariachi 7 Leguas may have waited 19 years to release the first single, but as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” And as they take this step forward, Mariachi 7 Leguas invite everyone to join them in this exciting journey ahead.

For almost two decades, Mariachi 7 Leguas has captivated audiences with their soulful performances deeply rooted in Mexican tradition. Founded in 2004, the group is a testament to the enduring attraction of Mariachi music. Now, 19 years later, the group is making history by releasing their first single, “Hazme Caso,” a romantic ranchero song that resonates with anyone who’s ever been in love but overlooked.

Why did it take 19 years to come out with a single? The group’s founder, Emilio Santos, explains that life had a way of intervening. “Many of the members have demanding full-time jobs: some are musical directors in high schools, while others, like Santos himself, have careers in banking.” Despite these commitments, their love for Mariachi music has never decreased.

Antonio “Toño” Delgadillo, the musical director for Mariachi 7 Leguas and a full-time teacher in Roma, ISD, provides insight into the making of “Hazme Caso.” While balancing work and musical passion isn’t always easy, Antonio’s love for Mariachi makes it all worthwhile.

The song’s arrangement is credited to Nathan Fernandez, a young local talent who lent his recording studio to the group. “We’re very excited for this. I’ve been part of the group for 11 years, and this is our first thing. It’s been a long time coming,” says Antonio, echoing the sentiments of every member.

The single, already available on major streaming platforms, has received positive reviews. The group aims to capitalize on this momentum and expand its reach to other platforms, such as Pandora and TikTok. When asked if there are plans to serenade a particular lady with “Hazme Caso,” the members chuckle but remain bashful.

With a grand party and a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Mariachi 7 Leguas have set a high bar for promoting their new single. “We love keeping the tradition, we love keeping the culture alive, and we want to keep it that way,” asserts Antonio, as the group prepares for a live performance scheduled for September 14th at Quinta Ronda.

Mariachi 7 Leguas encourages everyone to support local talent and join them in celebrating the art of Mariachi music. The new single “Hazme Caso” is not just a love song; it’s a love letter to a genre, a culture, and a tradition that has enriched lives for generations.

Mariachi 7 Leguas has created a timeless piece that captures the essence of Mariachi music—passionate, romantic, and deeply rooted in Mexican culture. The group celebrates its achievements with this milestone and embarks on a promising journey toward a future filled with music, love, and cultural preservation.

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