Lone Star National Bank Celebrates First Responders by Giving Away 500 Meals

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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published in Texas Border Business newsprint edition July 2020

Many companies recognize the value of first responders, one of them is Lone Star National Bank. This time, Pepper’s Up Town partnered with the bank to give away 500 meals on May 30, 2020.

A parade of police, firefighters, and the medical community showed up to Lone Star National Bank’s corporate office parking lot to participate in this event in their honor.

Edna De Saro, the executive vice president and marketing director for Lone Star National Bank told Texas Border Business, “we have gathered during this beautiful sunny day to serve meals to our very deserving first responders.”

“The first responders are men and women that are serving our community tirelessly, especially during this pandemic,” she said.

“This is one way of giving back and putting a smile on their face. Honestly, I think as a community, we need to be humbled and understand the important role that they play and very well.”

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She went on to say that this event was also made possible by Pepper’s at Uptown. “I want to give a huge shout out to our friends at Pepper’s, that stepped up to the plate.”

Members of the Cantu Construction company and maintenance department were also volunteering during the good cause event.

She pointed out that what makes Lone Star National Bank the Valley’s bank, is how it participates with the community. “The Valley’s Bank, it’s not just a tagline. When it was adopted, it wasn’t an egocentric decision. Branding ourselves as a Valley bank was and is a core identity of who we are as an organization.” 

“We like to give back, and we like to make a difference in the lives of people across our communities,” she continued. Anyone familiar with the bank’s philanthropic activities knows that they do it in a big way and a small way.

“We do it by sponsoring the little leagues and soccer teams, by sponsoring church groups, schools, health care, and a lot of different causes. And here we are today serving meals.” She said, “This is what makes us the Valley’s Bank.”

There are several planned events for the near future; one of them is the free shredding service event. Lone Star National Bank was the first bank in the region to offer this free service. “Tax season is coming in mid-July, and people always need to shred. It is always important to protect your identity.”

Also, throughout the year, one of the bank’s main activities is to lead blood bank donation events. And in August andSeptember, they host back to school events.

“Every year, Lone Star National Bank puts together an annual supply drive, and we gather school supplies and disburse them in all of the Colonias and to all of the needy children across the Valley,” she said. “We work in conjunction with different organizations that point us in the right direction and to the children that need it the most,” De Saro finalized.

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