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In an era where transparency and integrity in politics are more crucial than ever, the upcoming Town Hall meeting in Fort Worth comes as a crucial gathering for all concerned citizens. Scheduled for TODAY Tuesday, February 13 at 7 PM, this event is not just a platform for discourse but a encouragement for those seeking clarity and truth in the political landscape of Texas.

Organized by Citizens for Election Integrity Texas, New Beginnings Church, and TCU College Republicans, the Town Hall titled “Corruption In Austin” promises to be an enlightening session on matters that affect not just the constituents of Congressional District 12 but all who care about the direction in which our political currents are flowing.

Highlighting the evening are discussions led by Brandon Waltens of Texas Scorecard and John O’Shea, a candidate for U.S Congress CD12. While the event had extended invitations to both major candidates, including Craig Goldman, it’s noteworthy that Mr. O’Shea will be the sole participant in the debate segment, as Mr. Goldman has opted out of this and all election forums. This development alone raises questions and expectations about the revelations this Town Hall might bring to the forefront.

The discussions will go into significant topics such as:

  • The underpinnings of Republican Establishment Corruption
  • Intricacies and facts surrounding the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton
  • Critical insights that voters in Tarrant and Parker Counties need to arm themselves with ahead of casting their votes

Brandon Waltens, serving as the Senior Editor at Texas Scorecard, brings to the table his extensive experience in spotlighting political discrepancies and advocating for conservative causes through his journalistic endeavors. His insights are anticipated to shed light on the opaque corners of Austin’s political corridors.

John O’Shea stands as a figure of faith and patriotism, aiming to redirect the nation towards its founding principles. His participation is expected to not just illuminate his stance on current issues but also to inspire a collective reflection on the country’s direction.

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Moderating the event is Pastor Troy Jackson of New Beginnings Church, whose contributions to conservative activism and community education have marked him as a respected leader within Dallas County and beyond.

This Town Hall is more than just a meeting; it’s a call to action for every individual who believes in the power of informed voting and the importance of holding leaders accountable. Whether you’re from Tarrant or Parker County or simply a concerned citizen eager to contribute to the betterment of the political environment, your presence is invaluable.

Join this crucial gathering to arm yourself with knowledge, engage in meaningful dialogue, and be part of a movement towards transparency and integrity in the political scope. Your voice matters, and together, we can strive for a future where leaders are accountable, and our policies reflect the true values of the Texan spirit.

Watch tonight MeGustaTV:

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