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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Honoring Veterans at Texas Regional Bank’s McAllen Ridge Branch

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Texas Regional Bank proudly honors 11 remarkable veterans at our McAllen Ridge Branch celebration. Today, we unite as a community to express our deep gratitude and unwavering support for these brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation. Photo By Roberto Hugo González
Texas Regional Bank proudly honors 11 remarkable veterans at the McAllen Ridge Branch celebration. Today, we unite as a community to express deep gratitude and support for these brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation. Photo by Roberto Hugo González
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By Roberto Hugo González

On a sunny morning at the Texas Regional Bank (TRB) celebrated Veterans Day with the same enthusiasm and gratitude that has become a tradition for the community. Veterans, their families, and community members gathered at the main McAllen branch of TRB to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have selflessly served their nation. The event was a heartfelt acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by veterans and an opportunity to express appreciation for their dedication.

Jamie Brown Rosas

The event kicked off with warm words from Jamie Brown Rosas, the Director of Business Development at TRB. She expressed her excitement and pride in hosting the annual event, emphasizing the bank’s deep-rooted commitment to honoring veterans. Jamie invited all veterans in attendance to stand and receive a well-deserved round of applause, a simple yet powerful gesture of gratitude for their service.

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To set the tone for the event, the McAllen Memorial High School Marine Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), under the leadership of Mr. Roy De Leon, performed the presentation of colors. This moving and well executed ceremony paid homage to the nation’s flag and underscored the significance of Veterans Day.

Isaaq Alvarez and Domingo Cortez

Isaac Alvarez and Domingo Cortez, TRB employees and veterans of the United States Marine Corps, led the audience in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Their participation in this momentous occasion showed the bank’s commitment to veterans, both as employees and valued members of the community.

Rendition of the national anthem by Nikki Rowe High School’s Mariachi Azteca, featuring Jose Guerra, Yareli Cano and Alyssa Carreon. Photo By Roberto Hugo González

The event reached a climax with a stirring rendition of the national anthem by Nikki Rowe High School’s Mariachi Azteca, featuring Jose Guerra, Yareli Cano and Alyssa Carreon. Their performance was present proof of the talent and patriotism of the younger generation, and it motivated a sense of unity and pride among attendees.

Roel “Roy” Rodriguez

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The event also provided an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of local leaders and officials who have played critical roles in McAllen’s growth and development. Mr. Roy Rodriguez, McAllen City manager, and Mr. Jim Darling, former McAllen Mayor and distinguished Air Force veteran, were among the notable figures present. Their presence served as a reminder of the vital connection between the community and its veterans.

Jamie highlighted TRB’s partnership with the City of McAllen and its officials, which has allowed the bank to actively participate in the city’s Independence Day parade. This partnership has provided a platform to celebrate and honor regional veterans, further strengthening the bond between the bank and the community.

James “JIM” Darling

Darling, a former mayor and distinguished veteran of the U.S. Air Force, delivered an inspirational speech. He recounted his personal journey, including his decision to join the Air Force and the challenges faced by Vietnam veterans upon their return. His message underscored the importance of supporting veterans as they reintegrate into society and the lasting impact of programs like the GI Bill.

The event also highlighted the valuable work of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 95, represented by Urbano Corpus. DAV’s mission to assist disabled veterans in need was lauded, emphasizing the significance of supporting those who have sacrificed for their country.

Urbano Corpus

Texas Regional Bank’s annual Veterans Day celebration at the McAllen Ridge location was a heartfelt tribute to veterans, reflecting the deep respect and gratitude felt by the community. The event showcased the commitment of TRB to honor and support veterans while bringing together community members, leaders, and young talents to celebrate the remarkable spirit of service that defines Veterans Day. It served as a reminder that the sacrifices made by veterans deserve recognition and appreciation not just on this special day but throughout the year. 

Following the moving speeches and presentations, the Veterans Day celebration at Texas Regional Bank continued with a sense of unity and community spirit. Attendees were encouraged to engage with one another, share stories, and connect on a personal level. The event provided an opportunity for veterans to reflect on their experiences, and for the community to gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by these brave individuals.

The display of photographs of TRB employees and their loved ones who had served in the military added a personal touch to the event. Each photograph told a unique story of service and sacrifice, reminding everyone that behind every veteran is a family and a community that supports and honors them.

Throughout the celebration, there was a strong emphasis on the importance of ongoing support for veterans, both by the community and organizations like the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). The DAV’s commitment to helping disabled veterans in need was highlighted, underscoring the need for continued assistance and resources to ensure that veterans receive the care and support they deserve.

As the event concluded, there was a collective sense of responsibility to ensure that the appreciation expressed on Veterans Day extends beyond this one day of celebration. Attendees were encouraged to consider how they could contribute to supporting veterans in their everyday lives, whether by hiring veterans in their businesses, volunteering with veterans’ organizations, or simply offering a helping hand to a veteran in need.

In her closing remarks, Jamie expressed her gratitude to everyone who had gathered to celebrate Veterans Day and reaffirmed TRB’s commitment to honoring veterans year-round. She emphasized that Veterans Day is not just a day of remembrance but an opportunity for the community to come together and show their appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who have served in the armed forces.

The Texas Regional Bank’s Veterans Day celebration was a heartwarming and inspirational event that highlighted the strong bond between the community, veterans, and organizations dedicated to supporting them. It served as a reminder that Veterans Day is not just a day on the calendar but a chance for a community to come together, express gratitude, and commit to ongoing support for those who have served their nation.

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