Guillermo R. Garcia Executive Vice President at IBC Bank Celebrates 50th Anniversary with the Bank

Pictured above, Dennis E. Nixon IBC Bank Chairman and Guillermo R. Garcia Executive Vice President.
Pictured above, Dennis E. Nixon IBC Bank Chairman and Guillermo R. Garcia Executive Vice President.

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LAREDO, TEXAS – IBC Bank Executive Vice President Guillermo R. Garcia received his 50-Year Pin in celebration of his five decades of hard work and dedication at IBC Bank-Laredo’s annual Bonus and Profit-Sharing presentation on December 5.

Garcia began his career with IBC Bank in December 1968 in the commercial loan department. It was here that be began to develop the relationships with customers that he is so well known for. He became a respected and beloved member of the community due to his dedication to his customers and excellent customer service skills. For many Laredoans at that time, Garcia was the individual who granted them their first-ever loan, allowing them to “Do More” for their families, themselves and their community. Many generations of customers continue their banking relationship with him to this day.

In the 1980s, Garcia moved to the bank’s international department. It is there that he used his knowledge, customer service and strong relationships in Mexico to serve clients on both sides of the border, ensuring they were able to make the most of their savings and investments. His in-depth understanding of Mexican trade enables him to assist with the financial goals of clients in U.S. and global marketplaces.

Guillermo R. Garcia
Guillermo R. Garcia

“What has kept me at IBC Bank for 50 years are the customers and the people I work with,” explained Garcia. “I have witnessed the bank grow to historic proportions under the leadership of Mr. Nixon and have had the opportunity to travel and build relationships and friendships with customers in the U.S. and Mexico. I’m very proud of our bank. I love our bank.”

His colleagues are eager to celebrate this important milestone with Garcia. Many of the bank’s younger generations of employees have benefited immensely from his mentorship. Today, Garcia is responsible for International Customer Relations, a program that sets IBC Bank apart from other financial institutions. He and his team continue to provide customers and prospects with the “IBC Experience.”  He also shares management responsibilities on the bank’s Executive, Loan and Senior Management committees.

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“The institutional knowledge that Guillermo has is invaluable to our customers, to our bank and to our entire community,” said IBC Bank Chairman & CEO Dennis E. Nixon. “He is a dedicated and trusted resource for local and Mexican entrepreneurs and industries. His expertise in putting dreams and plans in touch with opportunities and creating successful ventures has been his trademark since joining IBC. He is an outstanding model for our over 3,000 employees and officers.”

Among his many business and banking studies, Garcia is a graduate of the Commercial Lending School at the University of Oklahoma. He is also a past director/member of the Border Olympics Association and the International Good Neighbor Council and is a longtime member of the Membership Committee of the Laredo Country Club.  He is passionate about hunting and is a golf enthusiast.

Garcia looks forward to celebrating his 50th anniversary and receiving his 50-Year IBC Bank Pin, which will include five diamonds (one for each decade). “I don’t know how they will fit five diamonds on there,” he joked, “but I guess I will see.” At 78 years old, he has no plans to retire just yet.  IBC Bank management recognizes employee anniversary milestones with a gold pin featuring the IBC Bank map icon and which includes diamonds and rubies to represent the years worked at the bank.

Garcia and his wife Josie have two sons, Guillermo, Jr. and Marc, and one daughter, Patricia, as well as seven grandchildren.