Freddie the Freedom Eagle

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Freddie the Freedom Eagle was born in Freer, Texas on January 31, 2019.  As an eaglet, Freddie was courageous and loved the freedom of the outdoors. He made friends with all the animals in town, quickly becoming best friends with a young rattlesnake named Brush who lived in a den near Freddie’s family tree. The two youngsters were inseparable, with Brush showing Freddie the country ropes and Freddie protecting Brush from the skies. 

During the summer, Brush’s family invited Freddie on a weekend trip to South Texas. Freddie quickly fell in love with the area affectionately referred to by locals as The Valley. He promised to plant roots in the area someday soon, letting Brush in on his plan. Brush promised to stand watch over their hometown on weeks when Freddie planned to travel down south. 

And so began Freddie’s many adventures in Freer and The Valley…

NOTE: Freddie has planted roots at 902 E Riley in Freer, TX and 1301 E Nolana Ave in McAllen, TX. He looks forward to serving both the Freer and RGV community, providing others with The Freedom To Do More.

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