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Welcome to my Blog! Yes, now I am a Blogger. My intent is to feature a diary-type commentary and links to articles that I have written or that are current on other websites. Even though, the rules of a Blog are to present a list of entries in reverse chronological order. Well, in my case that is not going to happen. One thing I can promise, my Blog will be occasionally personal, sometimes political, and most definitely will focus on narrow subjects and or sometimes on a whole range of topics. To begin, not long ago, I had the opportunity to cover a very special event where Bob and Janet Vackar were honored as the Border Texans of the Year 2016. The above picture was taken during the ceremony and celebration where both were recognized.

The Tradition Continues Bob and Janet Vackar honored as Border Texans of the Year 2016

Robert C. Vackar, The 17 Million Dollar Man

The event brought together a great company of friends and delicious food. Next to them Glen E. and Rita K. Roney, another amazing couple, they also Rock South Texas.

Glen E. Roney, Banking Icon of South Texas

These two families are responsible for significant events in the Rio Grande Valley. They know well how important it is to give back to their communities.

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