Cornyn Releases Letter to Texans on Memorial Day

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San Antonio, Texas — U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) released the following open letter to Texans on Memorial Day:

May 28, 2018

Dear Fellow Texans:

On Memorial Day, we honor the servicemen and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation.

Today – as we should every day – we express our gratitude for those heroes who have given their lives while serving in our Armed Forces.  We honor their distinguished careers, their unwavering dedication, and the support of their loving families.

We remember Texans like Master Sergeant Jonathan Dunbar of Austin, who was killed just months ago by a roadside bomb in Syria.  He was on a mission to capture a known member of the Islamic State when he and a British service member were hit and killed.  Five others were injured.

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Master Sgt. Dunbar is fondly remembered by childhood friends as a boy who always stood up for his sister and classmates.  He carried that into adulthood in the U.S. Army, as shown by one friend’s comment that “he truly believed in fighting against evil to the point of sacrificing his own life.”

His dedication showed; his list of medals and commendations ran long.

Our nation depends upon the men and women, like Master Sgt. Dunbar, who volunteer to serve in our Armed Forces.  And our servicemembers undoubtedly depend on their families for support.  As we remember the fallen servicemen and women of the U.S. Armed Forces today, I ask you to join me in thanking the families of the fallen who have the hardest job of all in supporting the service of their loved ones and bearing the burden of their sacrifice.  Master Sgt. Dunbar is survived by his wife Jolinda, teenage son Jonathan, and two young daughters, Jael and Julianna. Please keep them in your prayers.

Today on Memorial Day, and on every day of the year, may God bless all our fallen servicemen and women and their devoted families, and may He continue to bless the United States of America.


John Cornyn

U.S. Senator for Texas

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