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WASHINGTON – Today on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed House Democrats’ decision to begin impeachment proceedings. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found here.

“House Democrats began this process of impeaching the President based on a so-called whistleblower complaint that they hadn’t even read, which detailed a call that they hadn’t seen a transcript of.”

“This is a continuation of the election in 2016 where our Democratic friends can’t believe that Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump.”

“The Speaker’s decision to impeach the President says everything you need to know about their intentions. It doesn’t matter what was said or what was not said.”

“It’s about relitigating the 2016 election, something that our Democratic colleagues have never ever been able to accept. And they’re trying to defy the voters who voted for President Trump in 2016.”

“Does the whistleblower complaint deserve to be examined and taken seriously? Absolutely.”

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“In fact, the Senate Intelligence Committee on which I sit and the presiding officer sits will do just that. We are in the process of doing that.”

“That’s exactly how this matter should be handled: with care, by the rules.”

“The American people have made abundantly clear that this sort of partisan exercise is not what they want, especially when it comes at the expense of other important work that we are not going to be able to accomplish because of this obsession with eliminating President Trump.”

“In a poll this summer, only 34 percent of Texans supported impeachment.”

“Instead of working with both sides of the aisle to pass bipartisan legislation, to lower drug costs, to try to address the concern about mass shootings… that is not the route they have chosen.”

“Democrats’ decision to move forward with impeachment and toward removing the president from office will make solving these big challenges facing our country nearly impossible.”

“Impeachment is solely a political exercise, and it’s a political exercise to defeat President Trump.”

“Cooler heads will prevail here in the United States Senate. We know bipartisan oversight is already underway.”

“We will carefully examine the record, root out the evidence, and follow that evidence wherever it may lead. But it’s important to have a fair trial before you decide to hand out punishment.”

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