Chamber’s Bradley on NPR Discusses Need for ‘Safe Harbor’ from COVID-19 Litigation

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Texas Border Business

Neil Bradley

As businesses develop reopening plans, they face the threat of coronavirus-related lawsuits. U.S. Chamber Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley appeared today on NPR’s Here and Now to address arising litigation issues.

“What businesses and nonprofits and universities want to make sure of is ‘If we follow the appropriate public health guidance issued by the best minds in the CDC and OSHA and in our state, we don’t want to be second-guessed a year from now when someone brings a lawsuit suggesting that we should have known that we should have done even more,’” he said.

Bradley added the Chamber has already tracked hundreds of new lawsuits involving businesses and is recommending a “very narrow, targeted, temporary, safe harbor” for businesses that follow guidance issued by public health officials. Businesses that are “grossly negligent” or “engage in willful misconduct” can and should be held responsible.

As Bradley stated, employers across the spectrum want to reopen safely but also want to ensure that they are protected if they follow official public health guidelines.

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