CEO Josh York is Determined to Change the Obesity Statistic in the Valley



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McAllen, Mission and Edinburg, TX were recently ranked by the US News & World Report as three of the Top 10 Fattest Cities in America, and GYMGUYZ Founder and CEO Josh York is determined to change that statistic.

GYMGUYZ, the number no. 1 mobile fitness concept in the U.S., is looking to expand its outreach to the McAllen, Mission and Edinburg areas after putting its first van on wheels on the road in Houston earlier in 2016.

“We really want to educate the folks of McAllen, Edinburg and Mission about the benefits of working out to get into better shape,” York explained. “With our concept, there is literally no excuse for someone to not be in good-standing health. There is no room for excuses like ‘the gym is too far away’ or people being uncomfortable working out in front of others. We bring the gym to you, wherever it may be.”

The GYMGUYZ team is excited to be taking on this new endeavor, especially in the South Texas region. The trainers want to bring their mission of changing the overall health and fitness of Rio Grande Valley after learning about the staggering obesity statistic.

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“We have a one-of-a-kind concept and are ready to help anyone realize his or her fitness goals,” York said. “We have 365 pieces of state of the art equipment packed in every van and our trainers are ready to meet our clients wherever they are most comfortable. It’s about the client and about helping them get in the best shape of their life.”

The unique business plan that GYMGUYZ is pursuing puts them on a path for rapid expansion across the entire country. They now serve more than seventy territories nationally and have prioritized growth plans for Texas, especially in light of the recent obesity ranking. York feels that since 38.8% of the region qualifies as obese, he wants to help folks get in better shape to start reversing that statistic.

“We’re extremely excited to be expanding in the lone star state,” said York. “We’ve been dominating the east coast and slowly making our move westward. We feel that the great state of Texas is the next best spot for our vans to dominate the roads.”

York is excited for the challenge ahead of both the GYMGUYZ owners and trainers in the region. He understands that fitness may not be on top of the mind now, but after the first van launches in the region, residents in McAllen, Mission and Edinburg will be on the fast track to healthier lifestyles.

York and his team are actively looking for the franchisees to join their team in the Rio Grande Valley area. He is personally involved in the discovery process, meeting potential owners of his brand to make sure they measure up to the GYMGUYZ standards. Anyone who is interested in owning a franchise should go to the GYMGUYZ website at to learn more. TBB