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U. S. President DonaldTrump and First Lady Melania Trump. Photo Trump’s FB

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A FEW TAKEAWAYS: Health care is a very tricky topic, and there’s very little agreement among Republicans on the key issues like Medicaid and coverage. Legislating takes time and effort. Artificial deadlines don’t help. The president needs allies, not skeptics and enemies on Capitol Hill. Shifting responses on Russia, constant chatter about the outcome of the 2016 election and berating your attorney general and members of Congress haven’t been helpful for the president, broadly speaking. The president has to learn to be nice to members of Congress. That’s all part of the game. It’s not always fun. But that’s the way to win. Not many people are interested in fighting for the president and taking tough votes for him at this point. Right now, Trump has just one major Capitol Hill win: a new Supreme Court justice. By Jake Sherman, Anna Palmer and Daniel Lippman.

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