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Eunice Castor, customer representative for 1st Patriot Insurance in Pharr. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez
Eunice Castor, customer representative for 1st Patriot Insurance in Pharr. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published in Texas Border Business newsprint edition October 2018

The Pharr International Trucking Expo brought attention to the many companies that deal directly with the trucking industry. This type of business is one-of-a-kind. Not every region in the United States has the unique opportunity of serving companies with fleets and heavy equipment as we have it here in Pharr, Texas.

Eunice Castor, as a customer service representative for 1st Patriot Insurance, sees this type of business activity every day. What do you do Eunice? “I’m in charge of new business. So, anything that’s new that comes in through our office,I handle it.” She continued, “It doesn’t matter the number of fleets, it can be 1 to 200 trucks. We focus on trucking insuring, and sell all kinds of policies, from all liabilities to comp and collision, including worker’s comp, operation, or anything like that,” she told Texas Border Business.

Do you have offices here in Pharr? “Yes, we are right next to Utility Trailer Sales, the green and white office.” 1st Patriot Insurance has been open for the last nine years. According to Eunice, the difference between them and their competition is, because they make their customers a priority. “We always put our customers first and make sure that they get the best customer service, since the first day they walk into our office.” She said, “Whether it’s for a claim or just adding a truck, we always want to give them spectacular customer service. That’s the difference.”

Is it difficult to find customers in this industry? “Not really,” she said. “The important thing here is a matter of putting what you’re good at in the market. We also get customers by referrals of other companies we are servicing.”

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Tell me your opinion about this event, the Trucking Expo.“We participate in the Laredo Expo as well. So, we do go over there once a year, it brings us many customers; it does.”

So, it’s good? “Yes, it’s a good thing for us, yes. It’s a good thing to put our name out there.”

Eunice said that they work the same hours and days, 365 year-round. “We are always open at 1st Patriot Insurance, and we’ll help you with your insurance. We welcome you with open arms,” she finalized.