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By Roberto Hugo González

This is an in-depth conversation about the creative process behind a song titled “Soy Feliz” (“I am happy”), released on September 22, 2023, by Leonado, a singer-songwriter. The conversation explores the details of the lyrics, including themes of religious conversion, love, and acceptance.

Leonado discusses how various influences, including a line from the movie “Independence Day” and the teachings of Jesus, have shaped the song. He also talks about his personal life experiences, including his struggles and newfound peace, which have deeply influenced the lyrics.

The musical elements, including the rhythm and instruments used, were also discussed, shedding light on the song’s unique sound.

Music has the power to capture emotions and experiences in a way that few other forms of expression can match. In his recent single Soy Feliz, “I Am Happy,” Leonado has encapsulated a deeply personal and spiritual narrative, offering listeners a window into his journey of self-discovery, love, and faith. The song, released on September 22, 2023, goes beyond simple melody and lyrics to offer a deeper connection with the artist.

The song was written in the late ’90s, a time marked by the iconic movie Independence Day and the cultural phenomenon that surrounded it. A line from the movie inspired the song’s opening phrase: “A wise man sings that you only need love to live.” This is an allusion to the teachings of John Lennon, an artist who has had a significant impact on Leonado’s life. Years later, the COVID-19 pandemic would give new meaning to the line “Because tomorrow never knows if it will come,” a reference to another Lennon song, “Tomorrow Never Knows.”

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What started as a personal quest to find love transformed into a deeper spiritual experience. Leonado met a woman in a bar who opened his eyes to the unconditional love of God and Jesus Christ. The line “every passing minute, I’m thinking of pleasing you” takes on a double meaning: pleasing the woman who captivated him and the divine love he began to embrace.

The lyrics of the song address the idea of spiritual transformation. The words “dying, wandering, criminal” represent Leonado’s segment of life before his conversion when he was spelled from his home because he had become a Christian, a man who felt marginalized by some in society and his family. However, the acceptance of Jesus Christ and his unconditional love transformed his life, a change captured in the phrase, “I am happy because he tells me he accepts me.”

The Rhythm: An Unexpected Fusion

Musically, the song features an interesting fusion of genres. Leonado programmed the drums himself and incorporated elements of punk rock into the bass, creating a rhythm that is simultaneously energetic and emotionally resonant.

“Soy Feliz” is not just a song; it’s a miniature autobiography, a testimony to a complex and deeply emotional life journey. The lyrics, the music, and the meaning behind it all make this single more than the sum of its parts. It reminds us that even in times of uncertainty, there is room for happiness, love, and faith. With each note and word, Leonado invites us to explore our own lives, challenge our prejudices, and seek the joy that often hides in the most unexpected places.

            Soy Feliz is available on Spotify under the Leonado label.

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