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WASHINGTON – Today on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) highlighted his support of legislation aimed at lowering the cost of health care for Americans while Democrats continue to push socialist policies like Medicare for All that could kick millions of people off their private health insurance. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found here

“We continue to hear cries from the Left about Medicare for All, the one-size-fits-all health care plan they continue to embrace.”

“We need to improve our health care system so it focuses on patients and allows each individual and family to choose what works best for them.”

“Earlier this year I cosponsored the PROTECT Act.”

“This bill would make sure no one is denied coverage or forced to pay a higher premium because of a preexisting condition.”

“We must also look at health care costs beyond the premiums people pay for their health insurance. And that’s why we need to take a look at out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs.”

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“We see, on occasion, companies using the system or abusing the system and trying to get new patents on existing drugs to prolong their exclusivity and, of course, to maintain the high profits they get on a patented drug.”

“We cannot allow bad actors to game the system in order to turn a higher profit and prevent more Americans from getting access to these drugs at a lower price.”

“I recently introduced the Affordable Prescriptions for Patients Act which encourages competition within the pharmaceutical industry by stopping these sort of corrupt practices.”

“These are the types of reforms we need. We don’t need Medicare for All, which will force 180 million people off their private health insurance and bankrupt the Medicare system.”

“We can continue to protect Americans with preexisting conditions, something we all agree should be done. And we can lower the cost of prescriptions and out-of-pocket costs and stop the bad actors that game the system. We can provide the states with more flexibility to allow for more coverage options so families can pick the plan that’s right for them.”

Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, is a member of the Senate Finance, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees.

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