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Texas Border Business

Harlingen sits at the center of the Rio Grande Valley, offering major advantages in order to attract people, and more importantly, businesses. In a new video series, Harlingen Economic Development Corporation will introduce the many ways the organization works within the community in order to make it a better place to live, work, play, and do business.

The Choose Harlingen video series will cover various topics that include healthcare in Harlingen, workforce and education, connectivity, opening a business in Harlingen, and a basic introduction to what the Harlingen EDC does.

The first episode featured Selene Guerrero, Harlingen EDC marketing manager, Mayor Chris Boswell, and board members Michael Allex, architect, and Ricky Leal, banker. The group touched up on various topics that will be further expanded on in future episodes.

“Our focus in economic development is to improve on the economic stability and quality of life in a community,” Guerrero explained.

It is not possible to attract higher paying jobs or people to invest in a community if there aren’t constant improvements to our quality of life, Mayor Boswell added. “That is where the city comes in, to have good infrastructure and that we work to have good planning in bringing businesses to our community. We have to do all those other things together to attract businesses to our community,” Boswell said.

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