Trump’s ultimatum to Mexico on immigrants and crackdown on drugs – Counter Clock

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BREAKING… TRUMP ON MEXICO, April 4, 2019: via National Journal’s George Condon, pooler: “He said if he did not see tangible help from Mexico on stemming the flow of immigrants across the border and if he did not see a crackdown on drugs coming across, that he would impose tariffs on cars. And if that didn’t work, then he would shut down the border. The timeline was unclear as to how much time he would give tariffs to work.

“‘If Mexico doesn’t help, that’s okay. We’ll tariff their cars,’ he said. At another point, he said, ‘If the drugs don’t stop, we’ll tariff the cars. If that doesn’t work, we’ll close the border.’ He said he was not bluffing. ‘I will do it; I don’t play games.’ He added, ‘the whole ballgame is cars.'”

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There is no ultimatum yet from President Trump on U. S. consumption of drugs.

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