The states come for Google

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50 states and territories (not a typo!) are opening antitrust probes to determine whether Google’s online dominance is limiting competition in online advertising.

  • On the list: 48 states plus Puerto Rico and D.C.
  • Off the list: California and Alabama.

Why it matters: The move by the states and territories represents a new, wide-ranging front in the government-led assault on Google’s power, Axios Managing Editor Scott Rosenberg writes.

  • It also means that even if parallel probes by the Department of Justice and Congress fizzle out, some even more aggressive state prosecutors could carry on the fight.

The big picture: Big Tech is a target-rich environment for politicians. Conservatives claim they face discrimination by the platforms, and liberals claim the platforms’ algorithms have elevated fringe conservative voices and conspiracies.

  • “Another group of 11 state attorneys general … has commenced their own probe against Facebook, exploring whether it violates competition laws and mishandles consumers’ personal information.” (WashPost)

Flashback: “Major investigations of industry titans like AT&T, IBM and Microsoft in the past were marathon endeavors, spanning years, and sometimes decades,” the N.Y. Times reminds. Source: Axios

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