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COVID-19 Fatalities
Updated on Sep 27, 2020 8:46 am
COVID-19 Fatalities
Updated on Sep 27, 2020 8:46 am
Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Standing alone, Roberto Gonzalez and Mario Reyna each are titans in their respective fields

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Bonnie Gonzalez, a Professional That Cares

It is reassuring to know that someone and a board of directors work diligently to better the health of the Rio Grande Valley residents.
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Texas Border Business

By Gary Rodriguez

Mr. Gonzalez, a media professional, has over 40 years of experience in broadcast television, radio, political campaign management, writing, and publishing.

Mr. Reyna, until his recent retirement, has been credited with serving as one of the pillars of success behind the meteoric rise of South Texas College from the community college on the corner, to a multi-campus incubator of higher education, achievement,and professional development.

Now, together, Gonzalez and Reyna are creating a dynamic platform in the delivery of business and medical news and opportunities to grow your own business through Texas Border Business and Mega Doctor News.

If you’re reading this story, you already know about the successes of Texas Border Business and Mega Doctor News. What you may not know is the commitment Roberto Gonzalez has to the Rio Grande Valley community. Don’t take my word for it; but rather, consider this: In 2009, Mr. Gonzalez was recognized by the Small Business Administration as Journalist of the Year. He has always supported many non-profits that contribute to the Valley.

Mr. Mario Reyna – no different. As Dean of Business, Public Safety and Technology, Mr. Reyna was overseeing twenty of the most successful programs offered at South Texas College. A staggering workload, no doubt, but equally impressive is the degree of accomplishment attained in such curriculum as Culinary Arts, Public Administration, Architectural and Engineering Design, Information Technology, and Law Enforcement – just to name a few.

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I had the pleasure of visiting both men recently. I was not going to pass up the chance to see how this match-made-in-heaven was envisioned and then brought to reality.

TBB to Gonzalez: How were you able to attract the esteemed Mario Reyna to the Texas Border Business and Mega Doctor News family?

Roberto Gonzalez: “Mario and I have been friends for many years and actually, he was the one who approached me about his post-retirement plans and activities. Mario is a great conversation-starter; and on top of that, he has great follow-through on everything he does. That is why he has such a large network of contacts and resources.”

TBB to Reyna: Looking back on your career at South Texas College, what are some of the highlights of this professional period?

Mario Reyna: “It was a career I am extremely proud of. With STC, I was able to contribute integral performance and action to spearhead the development of programs such as welding, electrician, fire, police, and cyber-security. Equally important, I identified programs that needed additional emphasis and was able to get them up to speed for the benefit of our students, college, and community.”

TBB to Gonzalez: Where exactly will Mario Reyna fit into the already hugely successful Texas Border Business and Mega Doctor News operation?

Roberto Gonzalez: “Mario is now Director of Business Development for both publications and their associated websites. He will be a key component to expanding our sales reach to the entire Rio Grande Valley. As you know, we are consistently contacted by business owners, start-ups and corporations who want to reach our highly educated audience to offer their services. Now, we have one more representative who can visit with them and design a winning campaign that will help them grow their business and add to their bottom line.“

TBB to Gonzalez: With Mario Reyna’s history in the field of higher education, do you think this will open new doors for your publications?

Roberto Gonzalez: “Absolutely! I mean, just look at his success at South Texas College! Mario Reyna brings a lot to the table. He is one of the few people I know who can pick up the phone and communicate not only with a Fortune-500 CEO but also reassure this CEO’s gatekeeper that a meeting with Mario Reyna is worth having.”

TBB to Reyna:What message can you share with those individuals and businesses that you dealt with at South Texas College that may attract them to do business with Texas Border Business and Mega Doctor News? 

Mario Reyna: “I have known Texas Border Business magazine and Mega Doctor News since their inception. These two publications have tremendous reach in print and on the web. The two newspapers’ websites have had close to 20 million visitors during their short tenure, and the online stories have thousands of readers. If a business wants to promote a service or a product, these newspapers, with a combined reach, will deliver a mighty punch; people will also read them, not only online, but through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.”

This new combination will be a force for good in business development, company growth,and real news. But perhaps even more important is what the good team will accomplish in promoting the works and productivity of many non-profits in our area. Because, yes, financial success is an important goal, but it’s not everything. This is proven time and again when you open any newspaper or see a newscast covering a recent event held by the Food Bank of the Rio Grande, Make-A-Wish or Easterseals. Who do you see in the background with his camera and recorder? Roberto Gonzalez. He is usually first in and last out.

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Border Patrol Agents Seize more than $1M Worth of Drugs

On Thursday, Rio Grande Valley agents seized marijuana and methamphetamine worth more than $1M dollars.

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