Senate acquits President Trump

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President Trump holding a newspaper from February 6, 2020

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House Democrats’ sham impeachment ended with the full vindication and exoneration of President Trump by the Senate.

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham issued the following statement in part:

The Senate voted to reject the baseless articles of impeachment, and only the President’s political opponents—all Democrats, and one failed Republican presidential candidate—voted for the manufactured impeachment articles.

In what has now become a consistent tradition for Democrats, this was yet another witch-hunt that deprived the President of his due process rights and was based on a series of lies . . . Throughout this wholly corrupt process, President Trump successfully advanced the interests of the United States and remained focused on the issues that matter to Americans. He spent his time achieving real victories for the people of this country, and the Democrats—once again—have nothing to show for their fraudulent schemes.

President Trump’s State of the Union address made his priorities clear: It’s time to put the partisanship in Congress behind us. One of the most important lines from his speech last night reminds our leaders who they’re here to serve. It’s not their donors, it’s not each other, and it’s not the sensationalist corporate media.

“Members of Congress: We must never forget that the only victories that matter in Washington are victories that deliver for the American people.”

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President Trump delivers remarks:

The moment the Senate acquitted President Trump:


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