Restaurant Curbside Specials: Taco Palenque’s Every Day disCounts

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Order Phone number below of all the stores

Texas Border Business

We encourage you to support local merchants. During these times of need, we can rise as a community and help each other out.

Taco Palenque 

At Taco Palenque we are family, serving families and as a family, we assure you that your health is out top priority, always! We are monitoring the events that are affecting our community amid the COVID-19 outbreak in several parts of the country. For this reason we inform you that we are following the guidance from the Center for Disease Control and local and state health departments in reinforcing hygiene practices that are already done on a daily basis at our restaurants. 

We are actively listening to your needs and we have alternatives to keep enjoying delicious food at home. We invite you to order through our Taco Palenque APP for pick up, our Drive-Thru, or third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, Doordash, GrubHub or Favor.


3020 N. 10 St.  ☎️ 956-686-0102

1000 S. 10th St. ☎️ 956-994-8950

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2200 10th St (La Plaza Mall) ☎️ 956-682-0001


4227 N Expressway 77   ☎️ 956-350-8232


2420 E Expy 83  ☎️ 956-519-8226


409 Trenton Rd.  ☎️ 956-219-0200

1414 W University Dr  ☎️ 956-603-2061


1022 W Expy 83  ☎️ 956-854-4088


1102 South Exp 83  ☎️ 956-230-5299


4205 N Conway Ave  ☎️ 956-997-0030

If you are the owner or the manager of a restaurant, we would like to help you promote your curbside specials. FREE of charge. Just send us the information to [email protected]

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