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Targeting China’s economic aggression

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In the White House Diplomatic Reception Room on March 22, President Trump made it clear he’s taking a stand for American innovation.

“We’ve lost, over a fairly short period of time, 60,000 factories in our country—closed, shuttered, gone. Six million jobs, at least, gone. And now they’re starting to come back,” the President said. “But we have one particular problem. And I view them as a friend . . . and that’s China.”

The President has directed his Administration to consider a range of actions to respond to China’s unfair and harmful acquisition of U.S. technology. Now, the Administration is proposing for public comment adding 25 percent additional tariffs on products that are supported by China’s unfair industrial policy.

“The word that I want to use is ‘reciprocal,’” President Trump said. “When they charge 25 percent for a car to go in, and we charge 2 percent for their car to come into the United States, that’s not good.”

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