Mexico on Level Four of Oil Technicians

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Consultant Blas Castañeda said that Laredo already generates oil technicians in UISD.

Texas Border Business

By Miguel Timoshenkov

Laredo, TX – An expert and consultant on oil issues revealed that Mexico is at level four in technicians for the operation of said industry.

The experience of Blas Castañeda, who for 39 years promoted programs including the tanker program at Laredo College, sets the levels of Laredo College’s performance. His influence is based on him being one of the founders of the Eagle Ford Shale Consortium.

Laredo-Webb represents the heart of the oil basin. The approach here is to create technicians that will allow them to be more competitive with the necessary tools to achieve it. Education with high content on the matter will be created to generate value for the benefit of the national energy sector.

As a consultant on the project UISD, Castañeda said that it’s been 5 years since the oil program was designed for their alumni in the district and it has been a big success. “When the students graduate with experience and they’ll be able to continue their education in the oil industry”, Castañeda said.

Recently he lectured about oil technicians in Mexican schools. “Mexico lacks the experience and it’s in need of oil technicians. This country will be an oil power”, Castañeda said “it has oil, and they keep discovering deposits, but they’re in need of technicians.”  He said that American schools that specialize in this area are currently in the process of training people and setting up shops to train young people in Mexico.

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“When Mexico acquires the skilled technical workforce for the oil industry, they will have better income. Anddevelopment in this area will be on a whole new level”, Castañeda said. “I will continue to advise technical schools in Mexico to develop a strategic plan.”

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