High-ranking Aeromar Airline Executive visits McAllen Airport

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Adding Newer Aircraft and New Destinations To and From Mexico and McAllen

Fabricio Cojuc W., Aeromar’s Chief of Network Strategies and Alliances. He visited McAllen and announced that they have newer aircraft and more destinations for travelers. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez
Fabricio Cojuc W., Aeromar’s Chief of Network Strategies and Alliances. He visited McAllen and announced that they have newer aircraft and more destinations for travelers. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published in Texas Border Business newsprint edition March 2019

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

Just a few days ago, Fabricio Cojuc W., Chief of Network Strategies and Alliances with Aeromar visited the McAllen Airport met with Liz Suarez, Director of Aviation, as well as other McAllen city officials.  

Cojuc is a familiar face in McAllen and the region, he was in charge of the inauguration of the McAllen route in March 2013. He has been with Aeromar for eight years, however, in this new position for the last 15 months.

During the interview with Texas Border Business, he had a lot to say about their fleet. “We have several news since the last time we talked.” He continued, “The first one is that we have finished the process of renewal of our fleet. Two years ago, the average age of our planes was 16 years old; whereas right now our operating fleet averages 4 years.”

Aeromar is a Mexican airline that serves McAllen/Mexico and vice versa with several direct flights a week with the latest generation of regional aircraft, according to Cojuc. “As you know, we fly with the ATR 72 Aircraft, of French-Italian fabrication. We are also offering a service with top of the line technology, with new eco-friendly and silent planes… We are proud of being one of the best operators in the country,” he said. Currently, they operate with ten aircraft that fly to 17 different destinations between Mexico and McAllen; each airplane carries 70 passengers. “That’s one of our newest developments; the other one is that we’ve redesigned our network of connections in Mexico City. We know it makes life easier for our passengers traveling from McAllen to Mexico City, by offering them flights to destinations within an hour or two, plus the possibility to choose from 5, 6, or 7 new destinations to continue their journey.”

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We have covered this airline from the beginning, and to our knowledge, they mostly focused in covering the demand between Mexico City and McAllen.

Cojuc says that now in the second stage, they are strengthening their service. This means, if you want to go from McAllen to Acapulco, Oaxaca, or Veracruz, it can be done with a fast and convenient connection and the additional cost is low.

Aeromar is the only airline in the Valley with international and direct flights to Mexico City. However, it is also true that there is a wide range of travel possibilities from Houston, Dallas, and Reynosa. 

To that, he responded, “That involves inconveniences, discomfort, and considerable time losses. For example, I can tell you right now, the flight to Houston with a connection to Mexico is late, people are going to miss the connection, and that’s the kind of setbacks you have when you do not have a direct flight. So, given the type of airline we are, we take great care of our operation. We are always offering that direct service without stopovers.”

Cojuc says they love this area. “First, we noticed the dynamism and growth of this area; that has been impressive.” He continued, “When we came here at the end of 2012 to forge the agreement that allowed us to start, many of the things we see here right now, weren’t there; restaurants, hospitals, even the mall expansion.”

He said that if they evaluate themselves, they see that after operating for almost 6 years, they have mobilized nearly 90,000 passengers. Aside from that, he said, “We have strengthened our alliance and our friendship with the living forces and the leadership of this city. From the mayor to the city manager and the head of the airport, which are our partners; they see us as a fundamental part of the airport.”

Cojuc also pointed out that their bond, between McAllen and Aeromar, is getting stronger day by day. They also see it as the foundation for continued development and growth. 

“We are very optimistic about the future. This is an area of high economic activity and purchasing power,” he finalized. 

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