For The Love Of Dogs: Palm Valley Animal Society Debuts New Weekend Sleepover Program To Give Dogs A Break From Shelter

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Edinburg, Texas – Palm Valley Animal Society invites volunteers, fosters, and community members to take dogs on a two-night foster sleepover program, starting on January 10th and 11th. 

Community members are invited to take a shelter dog home for a two-night sleepover. A Pawjama Party with a PVAS dog can include binge-watching Netflix, a neighborhood stroll, running your errands with a canine friend, even visits to local pet-friendly stores! Participants are encouraged to take photos and videos with their canine friend and share on social media, and complete a short Q&A about time spent with the dog to help shelter staff get them adopted. Plus, it’s a great way to get your dog fix without a big commitment. 

Taking a dog home for as little as two nights has been proven to help reduce kennel stress and provides them with enrichment. Getting dogs out of the shelter also makes them more visible to potential adopters. Sleepovers give the shelter’s staff valuable insight on how the dogs behave outside of a shelter and in a more natural environment- a home! And let’s face it, for our community members, it’s also a great excuse to spend time doing something new, or exploring the RGV. Plus, you’ll make a cute new furry friend.

“Similar sleepover programs in shelters across the country have been enormously successful, and Palm Valley Animal Society is excited to introduce this program to our community,” said Chelsea Hughes, Foster Coordinator at Palm Valley Animal Society. “Thanks to Maddie, the launch of our Pawjama Party sleepover foster program is part of a nationwide research study on fostering, conducted by the University of Arizona’s Canine Science Collaboratory.”

Signing up is fast and easy. Anyone interested in the Pawjama Party program should simply e-mail [email protected]before January 10th and 11th to book a sleepover.  All participants will be given essential items needed for a successful field trip. 

If you are not able to make that day, you can help out by fulfilling a wish on the wish list or make a donation.

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