Commodities Integrated Logistics Opens Huge Warehouse in Weslaco with Capacity for 50,000 Bales of Cotton

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The warehouse becomes one among the largest in the Mid-Valley area

Texas Border Business

Weslaco Mayor David Suarez could not be happier as he took part in the grand opening ceremony for the colossal cotton warehouse in Weslaco. 

David Suarez, Mayor of Weslaco

Mayor Suarez has opened Weslaco doors for industry, retail, and eateries, and they are coming. The adoption by the city council and the mayor of a fast track process to get large projects in place, just like this warehouse is working. 

Commodities Integrated Logistics, (CiL), continues the expansion of multiple warehouses in the Rio Grande Valley to keep up with the company’s promise, “We Ship Cotton Fast” Joaquin Spamer, the president of the company, said that South Texas cotton is the earliest harvested each season. 

Priscilla Gabrielle Duran Community Relations Specialist for Economic Development & Tourism, Office of the Governor, State of Texas

“I welcome you to today’s historic ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony. I use the word historic because of the timeframe in which it was built,” said Mayor Suarez.

“It was less than five months ago in March when we broke ground to start the construction. Five months is truly historic and worth a well-deserved round of applause.” 

Mayor Suarez said that the building is up to compliance with all city requirements.

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Weslaco is a friendly city; its growth is now measured by leaps and bounds.

Marie McDermott Executive Director, EDC of Weslaco

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was invited to the ceremony, in his place came Priscilla Duran.

She is the South Texas Community Relations Specialist with the Office of the Governor for Economic Development.

“Gov. Abbott and his wife First Lady Cecilia sent their congratulations. A certificate of recognition will be given to Mr. Spamer at a date to be announced by the governor,” Duran said.

Armando “Mando” Martinez State Representative, District 39 Texas House of Representatives

Marie McDermott, Executive Director representing the Weslaco Economic Development Corporation (EDC) said, “I’m so excited to see Weslaco growing.”

Armando Martinez, Texas State Representative serving District 39 said, “What a wonderful day to be here. I can tell you; I think the mayor said it best when he said, “amazing and historic.”

“It feels like just yesterday that we were doing the groundbreaking, and now we’re here at a beautiful facility,” he continued.

Eddie Lucio, Jr. Texas Senator

Rep. Martinez said that he and Joaquin Spamer have been good friends for many years.”He is just such an extraordinary individual with a wealth of knowledge and a great person and big heart willing to help. I’m glad that Weslaco made the smart decision in embracing Joaquin.”

Mario Reyna Dean of Business, Public Safety & Technology, South Texas College

Eddie Lucio, Jr., Texas Senator for District 27 said, “I’m so happy to be here to acknowledge the good work of our main man here. My dad used to say, “es una cuerda ancha,” and that means that he couldn’t be broken.”

The senator was referring to Mr. Spamer to be someone strong of character.

Barbara Garza President/CEO, Weslaco Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Mario Reyna, Dean of Business, Public Safety, and Technology for South Texas College said, “You know we are very fortunate to have individuals like Joaquin that cares about his people. Congratulations.”

Steven Valdez Director, EDC of Weslaco

Barbara Garza, President and CEO of the Weslaco Chamber said, “We’re very grateful that we have you as a partner with the Chamber.” 

Steve Valdez, Director with Weslaco EDC and master of the ceremony said that the new warehouse owned by Commodities Integrated Logistics will store 50,000 bales of cotton.

Cynthia Cabaza Board Secretary, EDC of Weslaco

And another warehouse across the street also owned by the company, will store 25,000 bales.

Joe Olivarez Board President, EDC of Weslaco

He added, “There are a few people that understand international border relations as well as our featured guest. And there are even fewer that have made the investment to the scale that he has. He’s considered an authority on importing, exporting, warehousing district, distribution and transportation, and much more. Please welcome to our podium, Joaquin Spamer, the founder and CEO of Commodities Integrated Logistics (CiL).”

Juan “JJ” Serrano Board of Directors, EDC of Weslaco

“As the Mayor said we did it in record time because we were in a hurry,” Spamer said. “We are in a hurry because the farmer, the merchant, and the cotton consumer need a small link like we are. The distribution link to do things in a hurry.”

Darly Smith Chief, Red Coat Ambassadors, Weslaco Weslaco Chamber of Commerce Board Member

He said, “Besides, the sign that you see out there, it says, “We Ship Cotton Fast”. We do it because of the need that farmers have to reach their markets as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Daisy Ramirez Miss Weslaco

Mayor Suarez again said, “Congratulations. Thank you for choosing Weslaco. God bless you, and God bless Weslaco,” he finalized.

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