Building URBAN Cultures – How our cities shape our habits and our lives


If you BUILD places where it’s delightful to walk, pedestrians magically appear

By Pedro Ayala

Texas Border Business 

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how our cities shape our habits and our lives. If you prioritize car travel and parking lots, you get places where everybody drives. If you BUILD places where it’s delightful to walk, pedestrians magically appear.

Make it safe to bike, cyclists come out of the woodwork. WANT COMMUNITY? BUILD WALKABILITY. The BUILDING URBAN CULTURES Education Series may be new to the Rio Grande Valley, but it’s not a new topic by any means. In fact, many planners here in the Valley embrace it. It’s the other two sides of the equation that makes it work – you and your local gov’t. As renowned Urban Planner, Gil Penalosa posited and asked when I heard his presentation:

How do WE want to live? It’s really up to us. You have the power, speak up or join us at our next event.

The 2017 Calendar of Events will focus on social, economic and sustainable development in the Rio Grande Valley. To build a culture of awareness and education in preservation ethic, smart growth strategies, health by design and build a campaign for a united Rio Grande Valley through seminars, workshops, tours, curb-side chats, grass roots marketing, and branding campaigns that identify unique historic and natural resources to help achieve sustainable development in our communities and a region as a whole.

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We plan to focus on our downtown urban cores and address the importance of livable mixed-use development addressing 21st Century changes in technology and infrastructure. DOWNTOWNS ARE THE HEART OF A CITY. A DOWNTOWN IS EVERYONE’S NEIGHBORHOOD. MANY CULTURAL LANDMARKS ARE DOWNTOWN. PRESERVE IT, MAKE IT WALKABLE, MAKE IT LIVABLE, MAKE IT THRIVE, DANCE AND JOIN US FOR THE NEXT EVENT WITH SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS. GET INVOLVED!

A Big Thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers and supporters!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Pedro Ayala, Assoc. AIA, Urban Designer