“Alamo Texas, one of the Shipping Points of Cotton to Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China,”- Joaquin Spamer, President, Commodities Integrated Logistics

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Commodities Integrated Logistics, expanding its warehouse consortium

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

As originally published by Texas Border Business newsprint edition May 2019

Alamo, TX – With the celebration of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Commodities Integrated Logistics (C.I.L.), made official an extensive expansion to its warehouse system in South Texas. 

Last month, surrounded by city officials, members of the chamber of commerce, the fire department, and State Representative Armando Martinez, Joaquin Spamer, the principal of Commodities Integrated Logistics gave the green light to initiate operations. 

Imelda González from the Chamber of Commerce in Alamo acted as mistress of the ceremony welcoming everyone for being part of this great occasion. She mentioned the presence of Mayor Diana Martínez, and Commissioners Roberto De La Garza, and Pete Morales.

Commodities Integrated Logisticsinitiated operations in Alamo three years ago, for the simple reason that the demand for space to store cotton continues to grow. The expansion of the storage system was necessary according to Spamer. 

Mayor Diana Martinez said she was impressed. “I hear that they will continue to expand, for that I thank you Mr. Spamer, and God bless you,” she said.

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Texas State Representative Armando Martinez stepped to the podium and said, “It is an honor and a pleasure for me to be here in Alamo. I always feel home when I am here, especially to honor these friends of mine, Joaquin and Lucia Spamer.” 

Rep. Martinez brought with him a special gift and presented it in the name of the House of Representatives. It was the official flag that was flown over the State Capitol in Spamer’s honor in recognition of all his hard work, his dedication to local communities, and to the State of Texas.

Martinez also read the official dedication that came with the flag and said, “This certifies that this Texas Flag presented to Joaquin Spamer by Representative Luis Armando Martínez of District 39, is a flag that was flown at our sovereign State of Texas, over our Capitol especially for a true friend and an esteemed Texas entrepreneur.” 

Below, a photo gallery of this event:

Rep. Martinez concluded by saying, “Mr. Spamer, I want to first thank you for expanding your warehouse building. Thanks to the bigger space, we are going to be able to create more jobs. So, that’s also why I am happy about it. Congratulations!”    

Spamer thanked everyone for the support. “We are so grateful with Vantage Bank. If it weren’t for the bank’s funds, we wouldn’t have been able to be here,” he said. He thanked Felipe Cavazos; Elio Botello and his wife, Lucia; as well as Monsignor Roque. 

He also expressed his gratitude to the City of Alamo for the vital support they provided to this project. “We started investing in Alamo about three years ago and we have almost doubled the space. Having an 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse, now, we have built 60,000 more (sq. ft.), and we have all the intentions to keep on building,” he said.

“The need for more space does not stop here,” he said. He gave as an example that in Weslaco, Commodities Integrated Logistics is building two warehouses with a combined total square footage of 282,500. “We still have the need to build more space,” Spamer said. “Here in Alamo, we have enough land to build 2 more spaces of 100,000 sq. ft. each and making an expansion to this very facility with another 80,000 sq. ft.and the market is demanding more and for us to do it.” 

Spamer took the opportunity to mention certification, something that is important and valuable for municipalities.  “We need Alamo and Donna to be certified as a free border exception.” He said, “It would make a great difference in how decisions are made and where we can invest.” He also pointed out that both municipalities are already reviewing this matter. However, he emphasized that this is important for the company’s growth. 

He said that behind the location where he was addressing the attendees, another warehouse is full of cotton. The first 40,000 sq. ft. they built are quickly filling up. 

“The cotton season of August 1 is coming. We are expecting high volumes. I want to tell the people of Alamo that south Texas is becoming a shipping point, because it is not only a crossing point towards México but a strategic place from where cotton is being sent to Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. That gives us the confidence to continue to invest and to grow, and to keep on doing what we know, which is deliver cotton fast and on time,” Spamer finalized. 

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