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Monday, June 5, 2023
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A Glimpse Into the Life and Career of Ricardo Rodriguez, Jr.

Former District Judge and District Attorney of Hidalgo County

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As originally published in Texas Border Business newsprint edition May 2023

By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

Former 92nd District Court Judge and District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez, Jr., unveiled his personal journey and experiences in public service in an exclusive conversation with Texas Border Business. Elected by the people of Hidalgo County, Rodriguez served in both influential positions with distinction and commitment for the duration of his tenure.

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For nearly seven years, Rodriguez held the position of district judge, earning re-election and the unwavering trust of Hidalgo County’s citizens. His decision to pursue the district attorney role stemmed from his desire to create meaningful change and positively impact his community. With six years of legal practice under his belt, Rodriguez attributes his preparedness for the challenges faced in his various roles to his upbringing, education, and experience. A native of Edinburg, Texas, Rodriguez underscores the necessity for justice, fairness, and empathy in the role of a district attorney.

Upon departing the district attorney’s office, Rodriguez had cultivated the team of over 200 dedicated employees, including approximately 90 attorneys. He characterizes his leadership approach as one of leading by example, instilling an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and effective communication within the office. Above all, Rodriguez emphasizes providing exceptional service to the community, fostering trust and confidence in the district attorney’s office as a resource for addressing their concerns.

As we delved into the candid discussion exploring Rodriguez’s career path, his unwavering commitment to justice, and public service unfolded. He candidly discussed the obstacles he faced and his achievements during his tenure as 92nd District Court Judge and District Attorney for Hidalgo County.

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L-R: Ricardo Rodriguez, Jr. and his son Ricardo Rodriguez, III. Photo by Roberto H. Gonzalez


Ensuring a balance between fairness and justice was a constant challenge. As district attorney, Rodriguez confronted difficult decisions affecting the lives of the accused and their victims. Maintaining impartiality while delivering justice was an ongoing test.

Overseeing a substantial team of employees and attorneys as he managed the district attorney’s office, required strong leadership and effective communication skills. Rodriguez had to guarantee alignment and understanding of the office’s objectives and the priority of delivering exceptional service to the community.

Navigating emotionally charged situations in his capacity as district attorney, Rodriguez encountered individuals experiencing frustration and distress. He had to navigate these circumstances skillfully while preserving empathy and understanding in pursuing justice.


Fostering trust within the community, Rodriguez’s leadership cultivated an environment of respect, dignity, and effective communication in the district attorney’s office. This approach engendered community trust, encouraging individuals to seek assistance from the DA’s office for their concerns.

Exemplifying strong leadership, Rodriguez worked to inspire collaboration among his team. Elevating efficiency and effectiveness by enhancing the office’s overall performance, they ensured the timely and fair delivery of justice.

Championing positive change despite potential risks, Rodriguez’s decision to run for district attorney showcased his dedication to making a difference in Hidalgo County. His tenure yielded favorable developments, laying the groundwork for future successors to build upon his legacy.


Rodriguez shared reflections on his career and the understanding collected throughout his journey as a public servant in Hidalgo County. He accentuated the importance of maintaining humility and remaining grounded, even while occupying influential positions such as district attorney or district court judge. He asserted that humility enables public servants to better connect with their community and make more informed decisions.


Throughout his career, Rodriguez benefited immensely from the guidance and encouragement of mentors, colleagues, and friends. He acknowledges the crucial role of a strong support network. He expressed gratitude to those who have contributed to his success, particularly the voters of Hidalgo County.

Rodriguez’s story highlights the importance of commitment, perseverance, and integrity in public service. His experiences and achievements in Hidalgo County serve as a testament to his dedication to justice and the betterment of his community. Through his reflections, Rodriguez emphasized the value of humility, mentorship, and support, offering insight and wisdom for aspiring public servants and individuals seeking to make a difference in their own communities.


Rodriguez’s expedition was filled with obstacles, yet he attributes his solid resolve and tenacity to successfully overcoming the arduous junctures. He urges public servants to stay resolute in pursuing their objectives, even when the road ahead seems frail.


Despite the inherent perils, Rodriguez’s bold move to vie for the district attorney position accentuates the significance of accepting and capitalizing on novel prospects. He contends that acclimatizing to change is fundamental for personal and professional advancement.

Pave the way with integrity:

As a trailblazer, Rodriguez grasped the ramifications of his actions on his colleagues. He concentrated on setting a sterling example, epitomizing the virtues of esteem, honor, and effective communication, which ultimately enhanced the overall performance of the district attorney’s office.

Champion of Justice:

He underlines that the paramount duty of a district attorney is to dispense justice equitably and impartially. He maintains that upholding a robust sense of righteousness and equity is crucial for any public servant who wishes to leave a profound imprint on their community.

As we delved deeper into our discourse with Rodriguez, we gathered invaluable insights into the life and vocation of an unwavering public servant. His experiences and the lessons he acquired provide direction and encouragement to those who desire to serve their communities in similar capacities.

Rodriguez’s dedication to justice, impartiality, and civic involvement has permanently impacted Hidalgo County, and his legacy shall continue to stimulate upcoming generations of public servants.

Rodriguez Lineage: A Heritage of Devotion

Rodriguez is a man who unapologetically exhibits his pride, and deservedly so. As a father and a sibling, he possesses ample reasons to feel pride when discussing his family’s achievements.

The Rodriguez clan’s allegiance to public service and jurisprudence manifests in their chosen professional trajectories. Rodriguez’s son, Ricardo III, recently became an attorney at the tender age of 24 and joined his father’s practice.

In an interview, Rodriguez conveyed his delight in collaborating with his son, declaring, “I’m very happy practicing with my son Ricardo III. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Nearly a decade ago, Rodriguez assumed office, oblivious to his son’s ambition to pursue law. The fact that Ricardo III has realized his aspiration and now collaborates with his father attests to their potent bond and mutual dedication to the legal arena.

The legal accomplishments extend beyond father and son. According to the Texas Judicial Branch, Rodriguez’s sister, Judge Honorable Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt, became the youngest District Judge in the State upon ascending the bench on January 1, 2017.

Renee Rodriguez Betancourt presides at Judge Mario E. Ramirez, Jr. Juvenile Justice Center, further underscoring the family’s commitment to justice and community enhancement.

Rodriguez also takes immense pride in his brother’s achievements. His brother Roman Rodriguez, a captain with the Department of Public Safety (DPS), has dedicated nearly 27 years of his existence to safeguarding and securing others.

The Rodriguez family’s fervor for public service and the law has forged an influential legacy of accomplishment and community influence. Their devotion inspires others, exemplifying the importance of diligence, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Roberto Hugo Gonzalez, the 2009 SBA Journalist of the Year Award Winner & 2009 and 2012 Paul Harris Award recipient.

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