26th Annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

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The RGVBF tasks itself with marrying education and entertainment to meet its mission of creating stewards of the Rio Grande Valley’s unique ecosystem.  Though the festival draws participants from great distances, we measure ourselves by local engagement.  Our guests from across the country and abroad bring with them an influx of dollars, an inarguable boon to the Rio Grande Valley’s economic health.  Still it is the residents of the Rio Grande Valley that can make a categorical impact on the flora and fauna of the area every single day, a goal of incalculable value.

We hope the new venue will draw the Valley folks in and we can share with them why the Rio Grande Valley is the second most popular destination for birding in the United States, second only to the state of Texas.  The activities we have planned are meant to tap into the children’s natural sense of creativity, curiosity and their spirit of competition.  We are eager to instill the pride of our home into the children of the Rio Grande Valley so they too will want to preserve the habitat and protect the wildlife that lives here.   We humbly ask for your help in meeting our mission.

The RGVBF is scheduled for November 6-10.  Please find below a Kid’s Activity Schedule.

26th Annual Kid's Schedule[5]
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