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Texas Border Business

WESLACO, TX –  Jorddi Estrada, a 7th grader at Central Middle School, was recently rewarded with FREE SUBS FOR A YEAR* as a result of playing a new app from Blimpie ® called Blimpie Run.

Kahala Franchising L.L.C., parent company of the Blimpie Franchise Brand, introduced the all-new app in September 2013. Monthly winners are chosen at random from a large pool of high-achieving app users and reward them with FREE SUBS FOR A YEAR*.

Jordii Estrada was the monthly winner for December 2013. ““It was cool because we always try and eat at Blimpie but we don’t have much money so we can’t eat out that much,” said Jorddi. “So I thought I would play to see if I could win.”

As Blimpie’s familiar sub, Del E. Fresh, users run from coast-to-coast collecting the freshest ingredients required to build the best subs—but it’s not easy.

“I really liked playing the game,” said Jorddi, “I liked that it was tricky sometimes, like when you think it’s a shortcut but it’s really not.”

As it turns out, Jorddi’s parents are familiar with Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc. (AHSTI) the non-profit that owns the sub shop. For the last two years, Jorddi’s parents have had their tax return prepared through AHSTI’s VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Program) for FREE.

*Free Subs for a year is valued at $250 .00 or the equivalent of 40 subs.

ABOUT BLIMPIE WESLACO –  BLIMPIE WESLACO is a unique social enterprise created by a non-profit organization, Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc.,  as a method to provide an additional stream of revenue into the organization. Blimpie Weslaco’s Great Food for a Great Cause endeavor is poised to pave the path for other non-profits looking for creative ways to bring in additional revenue and serve its community.

ABOUT BLIMPIE – Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Blimpie serves sub sandwiches prepared with quality ingreditents along with delicious soups and salads. Founded in 1964, Blimpie has grown to nearly 1,000 franchised restaurants acorss the U.S. In 2006, Blimpie became part of Kahala, one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the world with a portfolio of 15 quick-service restaurant brands. For more information about Blimpie visit www.blimpie.com. For more information about Kahala, visit www.kahalamgmt.com.

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